Chapter one: The revelation of color

Revelations can come unexpectedly or intentionally. From a heartfelt desire to change direction in life, a need to start having more fun, a wish to build a new nest. 

HAPI House is bewitched by colors and made with love and passion for creating beautiful homes and exclusive interior spaces. Always in deep gratitude of the living memories we all carry and the future we will dream of together.

We guide our clients with a philosophy of letting go and appreciating the stories that surround us. It’s a way of approaching life with revelations of color. When design and decor is rooted in our personal stories, we get the chance to start living in the moment authentically with a true appreciation of life.

There’s no formula for interior design, and we encourage the individuality and variation of each home. Because perfection is not the ideal. We have the choice of making interior design about more than just pretty things. With a philosophy of appreciating the beauty of the imperfect, we have set out on a path to create meaningful and personal spaces for everyone to indulge in togetherness, music, literature, spirituality, and art.

Christine Callsen has taken the road less traveled in her creation of HAPI House, embarking on a new journey to tell the stories that make up our lives. For more than two decades, Christine has built a business guided by her exquisite taste, intuition, and her talent for designing personal interior projects down to the very last detail all over Europe.

HAPI House is a way of living and a rebirth of Christine Callsen’s approach to interior design. We choose to decorate with a focus on atmosphere, vibrations, and the vitality of life.

We encourage our clients to greet the unexpected, find their playful selves and believe in the philosophy that colors, shapes and art can be a guiding star in life. We help clients find their own HAPI House and to follow the signs we are all given.

Signs that revelate us to act, to think, to live and to be in the now.

Signs that revelate us to act, to think, to live and to be in the now.